We are a digital publishing and marketplace platform.

The Future of
Digital Publishing

AdPublisher is a digital platform that is driving the future of publishing and performance marketing. We connect buyers and sellers in both consumer and SMB markets.

We do that across 1000+ considered purchase categories.

By combining trusted content, product reviews, and services with our publisher technology platform, we can maximize performance and sellers' ROI

With our Portfolio of 25+ Brands

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    Tom's Guide Top 10 reviews Tom's Hardware' Anandtech Laptop.com
  • Shopping & Lifestyle

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That reach 100m unique users a month

While Leading the Tech Vertical

Optimized through our marketplace model

Which resulted in facilitating over $1 Billion in commerce related actions

Performance marketing
and referral solutions that work

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  • Lead Gen

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93% renewal rate
with our top-tier
marketing partners

Delivering ROI to some of
the world’s best brands

Leading to more than $100 Million in revenue for AdPublisher with
double-digit YoY growth

Revenue Growth Through Diversity

We are the least reliant on traditional ad revenue relative to our industry with multiple revenue streams

20+ Million Members across our
community and social platforms

By cultivating loyalty and advocacy for our brands and services, AdPublisher is able to focus on customer lifetime value — not just traditional, CPM-based media metrics.

Leading the Industry

with our publisher monetization technology stack

  • AdPublisher Server-to-Server Increasing yield across AdPublisher and partner properties by 20-50% with our server to server header bidding solution

  • AdPublisher RAMP SMB lead generation widget that has increased yield 20-50% on AdPublisher and partner-related SMB sites

  • AdPublisher UPS Universal Product Service that delivers product specs, pricing, sales and cash back details for 100+ million products

  • BuyerZone SMB lead generation widget that has increased yield 20-50% on AdPublisher and partner-related SMB sites

  • ShopSavvy Loyalty and CRM platform that identifies MVP members and builds customer lifetime value for brands

The Word is Out

  • CFO Brings ‘New Thinking’ to Private Equity Portfolio Firm Thirteen-year-old company must start making decisions with a larger-company mentality, says the new finance chief, a private

  • AdPublisher Ditches Header Bidding And Moves Server-To-Server The portfolio of product review and tech sites turned off most of its header bidders last month and moved to server-to-server integrations with the same partners.

  • Make Your Phone a Valuable Holiday Shopping Companion ShopSavvy is a different kind of shopping app: It searches the internet constantly, looking for deals in different stores for various products, and then presents all the results as a news feed of

  • AnandTech Sells To Publisher To Grow Its Tech And Hardware Reviews Site AnandTech, the brilliantly super techie blog founded by recent Apple hire Anand Shimpi, has left the independent media club* after announcing its sale to AdPublisher, the publishing company

  • Digital-Media Firm AdPublisher Raises Funds AdPublisher, the owner of a network of technology content and e-commerce websites, raised $135 million to fuel acquisitions, in one of the larger funding rounds for a digital-media operation in recent years.

  • Online Publisher Acquires ShopSavvy AdPublisher was formerly known as TechMediaNetwork and operates sites including Tom’s Guide and AnandTech. The company recently raised a $135 million funding round, and has been actively buying up companies — this is its fourth acquisition in the

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